Moving to Canada after American election is not undemocratic

By Christopher Cotton, Queen’s University

The Globe and Mail recently published an article arguing that it is undemocratic for Americans to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president. In the article, Jonathan Zimmerman, a history of education professor, argues that saying you’ll move to Canada if Trump wins is like saying democracy is “only a good thing if your side comes out on top,” akin to Trump accepting the outcome of the election only if he wins.Read More »

Queen’s PhD candidate and JDI student fellow wins CEA award for work on dairy quotas

By Alex Chernoff, Senior Economist at the Bank of Canada

At the 2016 Canadian Economic Association meetings, Alex Chernoff received the 2015 Robert Mundell Prize for his work on dairy quotas and price regulation. Alex was a Queen’s doctoral candidate and JDI Student Fellow at the time; Dr. Chernoff is now a Senior Economist at the Bank of Canada. Here, he summarizes his contribution. Note that the views in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Bank of Canada.Read More »