About Economics & Policy

Economics and Policy serves as an outlet for academics to profile their policy relevant research and to provide insights and discussion on a variety of policy topics. The blog is run by the The John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy (JDI), a research institute in the Department of Economics at Queen’s University.

The blog publishes research profiles and policy discussion from some of Canada’s leading economists. We welcome outside contributions to the blog. But, please read about what we are interested in publishing before submitting an article.


Economics and Policy is a student edited outlet, where articles are subject to rigorous review by the student editorial board prior to acceptance. The outlet is edited by a team of graduate students from the Queen’s University Economics Department.

Student Editors:
Eliane Hamel Barker
Ardyn Nordstrom

Editorial Board:
Alex Arsenault
Samuel Brien
Raphaelle Gauvin-Coulombe
Jarone Gittens
Xiaoran (Sheldon) Guo
Blair Long
David Rosé
Frédéric Tremblay

Faculty Editor and Advisor:
Christopher Cotton

About the JDI

The John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy (JDI) was founded in 1976 to honour the memory of John Deutsch, renowned Canadian economist, Queen’s alumnus, public servant, and former Principal of Queen’s University.  Our central purpose is to enable and promote academic research that informs policy making. The JDI focuses on quantitative research in economics, political science, public policy, and related areas that is relevant for Canadian policy.

The JDI builds on a long tradition of interest and participation by Queen’s economists and other scholars in national policy issues in Canada, and its approach ensures a continuing emphasis on independent and quality of research, analysis and training.

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